Choose and order the right backup solution. You will then receive your login details by e-mail.



    Download the right application for your operating system.



      Run through the installation and setup your preferences. If you have any questions about this, dont hesitate to contact our amazing support team. You now have your backup installed locally and can begin to upload and secure your data.

        Trustbox is a very simple tool for backup and security of corporate data.

        Trustbox is preconfigured to backup all your important documents, files, images and audio files. If you would like additional backup of your mail, external hard drives, NAS or exchange servers, add these simply and free of charge. With Trustbox you get easy, simple and a complete backup of everything that is important for both employees and the company.

        Trustbox is preset to make a backup once an hour, but if you want to change the time interval it can be changed with a few clicks.

        Trustbox is preset to run 100% automatically. You do not need to worry about data security anymore!

        You now have a complete and automatic backup set to run of the company's invaluable data.

        Call or write today and get a free IT Security evaluation of your company.