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We, at trustbox, take our partnerships very seriously. We offer full support and assistance for issues regarding implementation and setup, including necessary APIs.
We remain open to any possible partnerships with our award-winning product. We have no restrictions on our partner agreements.

Become a part of Trustbox family.


You have many advantages and opportunities with Trustbox as your partner.

We offer 
A single distribution system, where you can follow daily sales and commission.
Both physical and online sales.
Both retail and corporate sales.
Possibility of white label.
You will appear on our website as a partner.
We make a minimum 2-year term service agreement.
We will advertise our partnership through our social media channels.
We make our marketing materials available for you.
We will assign one of our technical support teams for you.
We will coach you on sales and communication.

Reseller Program 
Trustbox will give you full control over your customer base while you have ownership of the customers you have in your portfolio. We offer three different programs:

1) Affiliate program
2) Reseller program
3) Whitelabel


We have the ability to design a custom package that meets the required needs of you and your business. We are able to offer anything from a product-oriented billing model, to a model where you pay-as-you-go. In other words, we allow you to have the freedom to be creative and not bound by a fixed pricing scheme. This flexibility can allow you to offer as strong a product as possible to your clients.

Strategic partnership

Gartner endorsed Trustbox as a “visionary” product in 2016. Along with several awards for storage and handling of sensitive data in hand, TrustBox offers a unique product for your data security. 

Trustbox entered into a strategic partnership with InfraScale from Silicon Valley in 2016. InfraScale is an award winning company that focuses on security surveillance and complex solutions. This means that Trustbox now offers solutions that have been used for securing sensitive data in hospitals, municipalities and various courts. Trustbox backup allows you to save files in accordance with both government and regional regulations (such as HIPAA, Safe Harbor, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley).

The Trustbox family consists of a team with really strong core skills in developing, programming and customer support. We have the team to execute specific inquires and special needs.

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