Security Policy

Trustbox backs up for life
Trustbox stores your files in the cloud forever with our Forever Safe method. This method allows you to store all your files in the cloud, freeing up space on your computers/tablets/smartphones. We backup unlimited file versions, giving you access to any previously saved version.

Regulatory requirements
Trustbox backup saves your files in accordance with government and regional regulations (such as HIPAA, Safe Harbor, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley).
Our data centers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our data centers are kept under strict cooling and fireproof conditions to ensure optimal preventional damage and security of your stored data.
We have locations in both the US and Europe.

3-layer encryption
Something unique in Trustbox is encryption security.
While many cloud storage providers only offer a 1 or 2 layer encryption, Trustbox offers you a third layer of encryption, adding a unique security level to your sensitive data.
*Your files are encrypted locally with a 256 bit encryption
*Your files are encrypted during upload and download
*Your files are encrypted during the storage

Account Security
Trustbox online backup gives you several security options while choosing your backup account, as listed below. While all options provide high-security levels for your data, we also offer an Ultra Safe possibility to make your files 100% private. The Ultra Safe option prevents legal authorities or courts to demand or to access your data from Trustbox.

Standard (recommended and most popular)
This option allows you to recover your password if you forget it. Your files are double encrypted.

If you choose this option, you have the sole access to your account’s password. It means, however, that Trustbox can not recover your data if you lose or forget your password.

UltraSafe MAX
You will have sole access to your account’s password along with a personally chosen passphrase. As with the Ultra Safe option, TrustBox can not recover your data if you lose one of these.

SSL Certificate
An SSL certificate is something that any e-business, website or internet application that handles personal information should have. SSL encrypts information between sender and receiver, used for example by online trading or download of personal information services. This means that others can not hack the communication line to intercept your information.