Why Trustbox

Why have an online backup solution?

Your digital life is a private matter, so there are as many reasons as there are people with computers/tablets/smartphones. Below are five top reasons why many daily choose the comfort and trust TrustBox gives online backup.

What is ransomware mail?
Ransom mail is the term used for spam emails that circulate, which particularly affected many people in 2015. They appear as authentic mails from legitimate companies and organizations, for example PostNord/PostDenmark. Yet, as soon as you open these emails your computer is virtually seized until you pay the asked ´ransom money´. In the first 2 months of 2016, 817 daily ransomware incidents were reported in Denmark.Kilde her

We have unfortunately already witnessed many companies that have been greatly affected by such attacks.
With a Trustbox backup, your company is able to completely restore its computer´s to a time before the attack. Thereby minimizing the damage and enabling a swift recovery. We normally advise employees to be aware of possible ransomware threats and to be cautious with all incoming emails. As a general rule: never click and open any email links from unknown email senders!

Normal wear and tear

Nothing lasts forever. Even computers/tablets/smartphones can suddenly refuse to turn on and work. Loss of vulnerable digital is often considered a catastrophic disaster. It is a shame to loose personal memories or company data simply because your devise busted. We all have experienced frustration over lost digital data, or at least we know of someone who has.
TrustBox online backup allows you or your company to restore all data. An easy solution to restore your device back to its original state after a sudden crash.


Digital devices can be quite expensive, which unfortunately makes them hot items for people who can not tell the difference between what is yours and theirs. If you ever get your phone or laptop stolen, you have lost all your photos, text messages, documents etc. Worst, still, is the thief having access to your sensitive and vulnerable data (photos, text messages, sensitive account information etc) being exposed to the thieves. Stolen data can have immeasurable and irreplaceable consequences for either individuals or businesses.

Trustbox allows you to easily restore everything from the time before the theft occurred. And as something unique and new, you can now wipe the stolen device clean. This means that you can delete all the content on your computer/tablet/smartphone, as soon as you become aware of the theft, so the thief can not access it.

Access from anywhere

With Trustbox you always have all your data at your fingertips via your smartphone, tablet or any computer. Many of our corporate clients find it far more effective and time efficient to have all their data and documents at hand at anytime.


Doing a backup has previously been associated as being an additional task by either connecting to an external hard drive or manually syncing files on a cloud service.

Trustbox automatically backs up your selected folders or files, allowing you to never needing to think of backup. You never need to connect to an external hard disk or even remember to make a manual cloud backup. We do this all for you. Once you have spent the 2 minutes to install the Trustbox software, we will automatically store your photos, music, videos, documents, etc.
An easy, simple and quick solution to secure your digital life, whether you are an individual, family member or business owner.

Trustbox offers many options to secure against cybercrime as well as secure backups. We are therefore always available by phone or email, if you ever have questions that you want elaborated.

Call or write to us today and get a free cyber security analysis of your digital presence.